Cecilia Booth: Watercolours


Ray's Stove near Southhampton Lake Huron, watercolour by Cecilia Booth

Vermont Cabin, watercolour by Cecilia Booth

Gate under Sunset, watercolour by Cecilia Booth

Kensington Market Window, watercolour by Cecilia Booth

Ray's Stove near Southhampton Lake Huron
30 x 33 cm
$ 500

Vermont Cabin
Watercolour and Pencil
14.5 x 23 cm
$ 400

Gate under Sunset
Second in Series

Watercolour and Ink
9.5 x 19.5 cm

Kensington Market Window
Watercolour and Pencil
12 x 17 cm

Most of Cecilia's watercolours were done outside or when exploring Eastern North America. As a cyclist she appreciates the convenience of watercolours because they are simple, easily transportable, and one can make any colour one desires from a limited palette.

Cecilia has artists in her family on her father's side. Her father, Richard Booth, paints in both oils and watercolours. His mother, Cecilia's grandmother, gained much enjoyment from retired life, painting with watercolours in her lovely garden.

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